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Welcome!  Having current bookkeeping information is critical to you making strategic and profitable business decisions.  Why not take advantage of my free initial consult to see what we can do together to make your financial documents work for you.

Professional Business Plan & Projections


Give you the tools to review new business ideas or diversification in the “pencil & paper” stage to validate whether or not the venture will be profitable.  Save time and money by assessing feasibility prior to funding.


In the next stage, we will create a living document that outlines all aspects of your business to achieve your goals and objectives.  This plan helps you focus your decisions by creating guidelines to reach those goals.  In addition, we will create a document with statistical data and projections to present to financial institutions for possible funding.

Bookkeeping, Billing & Contracts


We give you the support you need to run a successful business by managing your bookkeeping. You get to focus on running your business and will have the information you need to make informed decisions for your business.


Learn vital contracts & agreements you need to manage or start a new business. Create a customized billing, set up listing of income items and customize templates for invoicing and create memorized lists and/or bulk invoicing. 


Learn how to make billing quicker, easier, and get tips on how increase your cash flow.

New Business Setup


Provide support in creating and completing new business forms for federal and state applications including request for FEIN, state account, unemployment and certification records such as boarding license.  I will work with your business partners (legal, accounting, insurance) to make sure all bases are covered.


If you choose, we will also setup QuickBooks software on your computer and create the initial business file.  Recommend accounts to use for record keeping.  Create templates for invoicing to customize to your business. And, customize the system to best meet the needs of your particular business.

Business Conversion to Quickbooks with Training


Get advice on the easiest ways in which to convert your paper system onto Quickbooks.  Learn how to benefit from being able to track payments due to you quickly and easily. 


Spend one-on-one time learning exactly what you need in the manner best suited to your style.  Train you to quickly create checks, pay vendors, record client payments, create deposits and reconcile your accounts.  Learn tips and shortcuts to help you navigate quickly.

Pricing Audit & Service Tracking


Review of your established system and business practices with a report outlining findings to include recommendations to consolidate, improve cash flow and upgrade systems for accounts payable and accounts receivables.


Help you to develop or redevelop a price sheet to use for clients and provide focus on the services you offer. Recommend financial system to account for additional services to clients so that you can capture all your income streams.

Year End & Tax Document Preparation


Historical data entry and reconciliation to prepare your accounts for review. Create year end documents needed for tax preparation.  Work with your tax accountant to make sure items are accounted for correctly for tax purposes.

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