“You can feel confident that you have a professional working with you when you hire Pam Saul. When MCEC engaged her to help manage our bookkeeping and work with our auditors, I breathed a sigh of relief! She is organized, thorough, and meticulous in her work. Pam is one of the most responsive contractors I have worked with, and as a client, she makes your work her priority.”    


        ~ Kathy Magruder, Executive Director MCEC


“Pam has quickly become an indispensable part of my business, Mythic Landing Enterprises.  From handling our routine bookkeeping needs to assisting with our long-term budget and business planning, I’m not sure where I would be without her.  Her knowledge of the horse world combined with her business savvy make her a great asset to have and I am quick to recommend her to fellow business owners and MLE’s own clientele.”


        ~ Margaret Rizzo, Owner, Mythic Landing Enterprises


“I hired an accounting firm which also claimed they would help me manage and develop my rapidly expanding tutoring business. I know I’m a great teacher, but the accounting side of things isn’t my strong suit. As I muddled through 2012 and 2013, I realized I was not getting the support I needed. I called Pam, after losing many a night’s sleep, and she has helped me fix what was broken as well as teaching me to manage my own business. Knowing I have Pam to back me up makes me more confident in learning to be a better business person.”


        ~ Hillary H. Morrow, Owner, Fairchild Educational Services, LLC

I never went to business school, so when I was ready to hire employees, payroll was way over my head. I am so grateful to have found Pam- she explained everything to me in a clear and engaging way. She's so passionate about farm business that it rubbed off on me- I'm actually looking forward to setting up payroll in my Quickbooks account after our consulting session! She was also really supportive and encouraging, and it gave me just the boost I needed to keep growing my business.


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